Ethical Leadership Program NOV ‘17

Learn how to be an effective leader, with the integrity and skills to make a difference in your workplace.


The Ethical Leadership Program challenges you to ask hard ethical questions. This course will give you the tools to apply important ethical principles and find answers to the issues you and your business face. The Centre for Ethical Leadership teaches leaders to develop a way of gthinking that ensures effective action, without compromise to integrity or the worth of others.


We are looking for leaders with the drive to influence workplace culture. Typically, this course is attended by

  • Executives from ASX200 companies.
  • Leadership teams from not-for-profit.
  • Leaders from government organisations.
  • Human resources managers.
  • Workplace culture specialists.
  • Team leaders responsible for front-line ethical decision making.

Ethical Leadership Program Guest Speaker, Kot Monoah

Guest Speaker: Kot Monoah

Kot Monoah was born in South Sudan in 1993. He is known as one South Sudan's 'lost generation' because he lost his childhood in South Sudan's second civil war (1983-2004).

As a child, Kot witnessed a river full of corpses and countless other atrocities. His mother taught him not to run from gunfire but rather 'hug the earth'.

Today, Kot is a practising lawyer and leader for the South Sudanese community in Australia. Having survived war, refugee camps and violence, Kot wants his community to understand those who have been affected by violence don't have to be defined by it.

Kot will talk to you about his life experiences and being a leader in his community.

Source: Lost Boy Found, Margaret Simons, SBS

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