Vincent Fairfax Oration and Fellowship Graduation Dinner 2017

The Centre for Ethical Leadership warmly invites you to a dinner celebrating the graduation of the 22nd Cohort of the Vincent Fairfax Fellowship and for a presentation by Professor Douglas Hilton, AO FAA FTSE FAHMS.

In Pushing Boundaries, Setting Limits: Medical Research and Society, Prof. Doug Hilton will discuss the expectation of the community that research is carried out with integrity; that researchers work assiduously to improve lives; that the community is engaged in conversation about the ethical limits to which research and technology are pushed. He will provide a health-check on the relationship between researchers and the wider community – discussing areas where they are robust and areas that require additional attention.

Prof.  Doug Hilton is the 6th Director of the Walter and Eliza Hall Institute of Medical Research and Head of the Department of Medical Biology at the University Of Melbourne. Doug's research aims to understand which of our 30,000 genes are important in the production and function of blood cells and how this information can be used to better prevent, diagnose and treat blood cell diseases such as leukaemia, arthritis and asthma. Beyond the laboratory, Doug is passionate about mentoring, education and the development of young researchers and has been a vocal advocate for increased diversity within senior levels of medical research. He engages with industry to promote the translation of discoveries from the laboratory to the clinic and actively leads the conversation between scientists, the community and politicians.


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Dress Code: Business Formal

Venue: Ormond College Dining Hall

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Michele Morris

Executive Assistant
Centre for Ethical Leadership
03 9344 1406