Vincent Fairfax Speaker Series - Facing the Ethical Challenges of Family Violence

From 2005 to 2015, the number of reported family violence cases in Victoria tripled. Without question, family violence has a devastating impact on its victims. But it doesn't stop with families; the ripple effects are felt in workplaces, schools, the health system and throughout our community.
In May 2017 the Victorian government announced $1.91 billion in additional funding over four years to help fund the 227 recommendations from the Royal Commission into Family Violence (Victoria). Kym Peake, Secretary for the Department of Health and Human Services Victoria, will discuss her department's plans to counter family violence.

Kym is an alumnae of Ormond College and holds an Executive Master of Public Administration, a Bachelor of Arts (Hons) and a Bachelor or Laws (Hons), all from the University of Melbourne.