Peter Greste joins the CEL as an Honorary Fellow

The Centre for Ethical Leadership is proud to announce that award-winning journalist Peter Greste has been appointed as an Honorary Fellow of the Centre. As part of this role, Greste will be advising and collaborating with the CEL on its research agenda and public policy advocacy.

This appointment follows Greste’s presentations to audiences in Sydney and Melbourne at the 2015 Vincent Fairfax Fellowship Graduation Address in June and the Vincent Fairfax Ethics in Leadership Speaker Series in September.

Greste spoke frankly of the 400 days he spent in an Egyptian gaol and his view that we are all more personally resilient than we might otherwise have cause to think. He argued that old-fashioned journalism is under attack on three fronts – political, social and technological, and that combined these forces are fundamentally changing the role that journalism has traditionally played in Australia’s democracy.

Decrying the role the ’war on terror’ has played in undermining freedom of the press, Greste issued a timely reminder that "in the debate between freedom and safety, we run the risk of endangering the very things that keep us safe." Greste also emphasised the importance of maintaining the integrity of journalism, saying of the media that “If we’re ever going to win the debate over the freedom of the press, we need the public’s trust”. His speeches were excellent meditations on the absolute necessity of press freedom, and the central role of ethics in maintaining that freedom.

A recording of the 2015 Vincent Fairfax Fellowship Graduation Address is available below or at: