Diversity & Inclusion

The Centre for Ethical Leadership (CEL) undertakes cutting edge research to provide organisations with insights, tools and programs for creating workplaces that are inclusive, culturally aware, diverse and dynamic.

Having a diverse workforce is not only good human rights, it is basic good economic management.

Effective diversity and inclusion practices come about through inspiring leadership to lead broad cultural change, raising awareness of our unconscious knowledge and potential for bias and the creation of compensatory strategies, policies, systems and processes.  

The CEL has developed tools that highlight the potential for unconscious bias and blind spots in organisations; that can pinpoint where best to focus diversity and inclusion investment; and designed innovative short programs that directly target the practices and issues where they occur. 

Our tools include;

Cognicity – a web based application to measure Unconscious Knowledge.
Diversity Scan – a measurement of protective and risk factors that have been shown to influence women’s ability to fit within the organisation, to maximise their contribution in their role and to continue to grow and learn / maximise their full potential.

Our programs are designed using insights from the latest research and use our assessment tools as foundation inputs.

Programs include:

  • Diversity, Leadership Skills Training Program
  • Unconscious, Knowledge, Bias and Mitigating Factors.

We work collaboratively with organisations to tailor interventions that are culturally and organisationally specific.   

The CEL has delivered programs to a diverse range of Australian and international leading corporations and organisations including, ANZ Banking Group Ltd, Santos Ltd, Westpac Ltd, the Australian Defence Force,  Origin Energy, the University of Western Australia, Victoria Police, Bank of New Zealand and Corrs Chambers Westgarth.

If you would like to talk to us about our research, programs or tools for your organisation please contact us.