Cognicity is a web-based application that has been designed by the CEL to measure Unconscious Knowledge.

Unconscious knowledge is the knowledge and preferences which are accumulated over a lifetime and are stored in our unconscious. Knowledge and preferences which lead to consistent tendencies to respond in specific ways are referred to as Unconscious Bias.

Typically, but not always, these biased responses are suboptimal as they do not take into account relevant information and do not adapt to the situation. Instead, they are fast, reflexive and highly automated responses.

The influence of Unconscious Knowledge can be evident in the judgements, decisions and behaviours of individuals, particularly while under time constraints, when stressed or tired, or when performing routine tasks. People can consciously override Unconscious Knowledge and produce unbiased responses through the adoption of some simple techniques.

Cognicity measures Unconscious Knowledge through the use of a type of Implicit Association Test called a Go/No-go Association Task. This assessment requires respondents to selectively respond to images and words at speeds fast enough to ensure that their Unconscious Knowledge is being utilised.

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