Vincent Fairfax Fellowship™

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​“Executive Leadership Programs provide leadership content, the Vincent Fairfax Fellowship teaches you how to be a better leader”

- Vincent Fairfax Fellow 2014

Business leaders today are operating in an environment of unprecedented change.  Multiple forces are at play simultaneously, all driving a level of disruption that is challenging many long proven business practices.  Leaders today need to be able to thrive with uncertainty and an ever-changing commercial landscape.

They face a world that is increasingly more highly connected, where intense global competition reigns.  Challenging economic scenarios are playing out, and a shifting of power bases from traditional authorities to informed and media savvy individuals.  Add a diverse technology revolution, that is both immensely disrupting and liberating, and tomorrow can never be the same as today.

Unique Leadership Opportunity

The Vincent Fairfax Fellowship™ our flagship program offers a select group of senior executive leaders the opportunity to engage with up to 20 others in the most advanced leadership experience offered in Australia.

The Vincent Fairfax Fellowship™ anchors leaders in a moral decision framework and coaches for the development of moral reasoning skills and leadership capabilities, applicable in the most dynamic, disruptive and complex business challenges.

Many of these challenges have an ethical dimension that often goes unnoticed until “a crisis” erupts and the leader is fighting to preserve his or her integrity and the integrity and value of the firm.

Ethical leaders are those individuals who engage and influence other people to act in an ethical manner in their daily lives, at work, in their communities, in their family roles, and as citizens. The process of developing moral reasoning and ethical leadership capabilities progresses through four stages of learning in an innovative program structure:

Understanding – Ability to talk about ethics in one’s own terms and explain that knowledge to others.
Problem Solving – Ability to use moral reasoning to solve static problems, such as those that might be presented in the form of an ethical dilemma or value based decision.
Social Application – Ability to use moral reasoning and values in the management of dynamic problems including multiple stakeholders, lags and feedback effects that change the scope and understanding of the problem over time.
Ethical Leadership – Ability to engage and influence others in their understanding and application of moral reasoning and values in the solution of complex, dynamic ethics problems. Includes the design, implementation and ongoing management of structures, systems, processes and culture..

Leadership Outcomes

The Fellowship targets change at three levels:

  • The development of individual ethical leadership capabilities;
  • Building more effective and more ethical cultures, systems and processes in the host organisations; and
  • Engaging participant’s ongoing cross- sectoral conversations and learning about ethical leadership.

Upcoming Dates

The next cohort for the Vincent Fairfax Fellowship will commence in June 2018. More information about dates is available here.

Further information

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