About the Vincent Fairfax Ethics in Leadership Foundation

Sir-Vincent-FairfaxWho Was Sir Vincent Fairfax?

Sir Vincent Fairfax as an outstanding leader in Australian business and the community. He was Chairman of the AMP Society, and a director of the Bank of New South Wales and John Fairfax Limited.

Sir Vincent had a strong sense of purpose and responsibility in the way he lived his life. This was reflected in his work in business and on the land, his many charitable and voluntary commitments, as well as in his family life.

The Vincent Fairfax Fellowship

The Vincent Fairfax Fellowship was established in honour of Sir Vincent and his interest in encouraging good leadership based on a sound ethical framework and his belief that leadership should not be left to chance but actively developed. The Fellowship was conducted at the St James Ethics Centre in Sydney for 15 years before being launched at The Centre for Ethical Leadership in Melbourne in 2010.

Vincent Fairfax Ethics in Leadership Foundation

The Vincent Fairfax Ethics in Leadership Foundation was established with the particular aim of developing ethical leadership in Australia. Through funding a number of programs in leadership development, including the Vincent Fairfax Fellowship, it seeks to support the development of ethics in leadership so that outstanding Australians can expand their capacity to make a significant impact for the good of the Australian community. In 2019 the Fellowship became part of the Cranlana Centre for Ethical Leadership.