Associate Professor Rufus Black

Associate Professor Rufus Black
  • Role: Master
  • Organisation: Ormond College

Associate Professor Rufus Black is the Master of Ormond College, a Principal Fellow in the Department of Philosophy at the University of Melbourne and Deputy Chancellor of Victoria University.

Professor Black brings together the unusual combination of a deep academic background in ethics with practical experience across the private, public and social sectors at both management and governance levels.

His private sector experience includes 9 years at McKinsey & Company where he was a partner serving clients in Australia and Asia. He continues his commercial interests as a Director of the law firm Corrs Chambers Westgarth.

Professor Black’s public policy work has included working with Hospital and Healthcare Reform Commissions in 2009, leading the Accountability and Governance Review of the Department of Defence (The Black Review) in 2010 and the Prime Minister’s Independent Review of the Australian Intelligence Community in 2011. He has been the Strategic Advisor to the Secretary for Education in Victoria since 2012.

His social sector experience includes Chairing the Board of Teach for Australia and being a Director of the New York based Teach for All.

He holds degrees in law and politics from the University of Melbourne and degrees in moral theology from the University of Oxford, where he studied as a Rhodes Scholar.

Is there a place for ethical leadership in the modern business environment?

Ethics asks the questions, ‘what is the worthwhile thing my business does?’ and ’how do I do the right thing by staff, customers, suppliers and the community?’ Organisations that can answer these questions do well clarifying their purpose and their product or service, build loyalty and trust amongst staff and customers and ensure that their social licence to operate is strong