Ian C. Buchanan

Ian C. Buchanan
  • Role: Senior Executive Advisor
  • Organisation: Strategy&

Ian is Senior Executive Advisor to PwC Strategy& - formerly Booz & Company – and is past Asia Pacific Chairman of Booz Allen Hamilton and founding regional head of SRI International (formerly Stanford Research Institute).

Ian is an experienced strategy consultant and board member with 40+ years leadership & advisory experience throughout the Asia Pacific & Australasia. Ian led Asia’s first LBO/Reverse take-over of a large, loss making KLSE/SES listed company which within a year had become the best performing stock with a 400% price increase. He was an Independent Director & Member of Audit Committee during the successful restructuring of Australia’s Computer Power Group, and was lead independent director during the sale of Malaysia’s Southern Bank to CIMB – the largest ever KLSE transaction. Ian has led a large number of substantial corporate and SoE rescue & restructurings throughout the region and has advised national, corporate & NGO leaders on strategy, policy & regional security issues. Ian and his family relocated to Australia from SE Asia in 2000. 

What do you see as the greatest ethical challenge facing Australia?

I believe the greatest ethical challenge facing Australia today is how we will reconcile our tiny population living comfortably in a huge, resource rich and politically stable country while ~50Mn refugees seeking to escape poverty and persecution in their own lands travel at great personal risk to find countries such as Australia who will take them in.

I think the greatest ethical challenge for Australian business is how they will sustain Australia’s affluence by expanding profitably into high growth Asian markets which have much less well defined rules of law and where there is overwhelming evidence of widespread bribery and corruption to win new business – witness the RBA/Securency scandal. Competing and complying in ‘weak governance’ markets will require new strategies and partnerships – but above all will require well defined, and understood, company ethics policies.