Peter Collins

Peter Collins
  • Role: Vincent Fairfax Fellowship™ Director of Curriculum
  • Organisation: Centre for Ethical Leadership

Peter is the Director of Curriculum, Facilitator and Coach of the Vincent Fairfax Fellowship.

He specialises in leadership development, facilitation and coaching and works with leadership teams across the private and public sector including ASX10/20 companies. Peter has worked extensively with overseas organisations based in Brazil, India and Indonesia as well as with Australian national sporting teams. Peter is a regular faculty member of courses at Melbourne Business School and the IPAA.

Peter was a consultant at McKinsey from 1999 to 2004, a Ministerial Advisor to two federal Cabinet Ministers (1996-1999) and a Jesuit priest (1981-1995). Peter has worked on a broad range of policy, in particular on issues relating to asylum seekers and persons with a mental illness. He has also been a regular columnist with The Age and the Herald Sun and has done numerous guest appearances on Channel 9’s Today Show.