Dr. Shuang Ren

Dr. Shuang Ren
  • Role: Post-doctoral Research Fellow
  • Organisation: Centre for Ethical Leadership

Dr. Shuang Ren is a Post-Doctoral Research Fellow at the CEL whose research focuses on emerging leaders, ethical leadership, and Asian management. She has published articles in top-tiered international journals, authored books and conference proceedings in the area of business leadership, leadership development, employment of university graduates and comparative studies in Asia.

Shuang has a demonstrated ability to undertake high-quality research, manage research teams, supervise students, and generate publications in international scholarly outlets. Her publication on self-development is one of the first in-depth and mixed-method studies on self-initiated forms of leadership development and her recent project on the emergence of leadership competencies was awarded a Melbourne Business School Internal Research Grant. Apart from her research role at the CEL, Shuang liaises on the Vincent Fairfax Fellowship Alumni Committee.

Prior to joining the CEL, Shuang completed her PhD (2010- 2013) at the University of Melbourne. Her PhD thesis was awarded the Williams Prize for Excellence in Research in 2014 and nominated for the 2014 Chancellor’s Prize for Excellence in the PhD Thesis at the University of Melbourne. She obtained her Masters of Commerce by research (Honours), Graduate Certificate in applied commerce (management), and Graduate Certificate in advanced learning and leadership at the University of Melbourne. With a Bachelor degree in law, Shuang has a strong interest in the Centre’s interdisciplinary research.

Shuang’s career aspiration is to develop a nexus between Asian and Western management literature. In her spare time, she enjoys cooking and gardening.