Our Programs Team

Peter Collins

  • Director  -  Centre for Ethical Leadership

Peter is the Director of the Centre for Ethical Leadership and is a Facilitator and Coach of the Vincent Fairfax Fellowship. During Peter's tenure, he has coached more than 140 Vincent Fairfax Fellows. In addition to his work at the Centre for Ethical…

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Professor Rufus Black

  • Professor, Ethicist, Strategic Advisor  -  Ormond College

Professor Rufus Black is Vice Chancellor University of Tasmania. Previously, Professor Black was Deputy Chancellor of Victoria University, President of Museums Victoria and co-founder of the Wade Institute for Entrepreneurship. He brings…

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Prof. Cordelia Fine

  • Lecturer  -  Centre for Ethical Leadership

Award-winning author and academic, Cordelia Fine, brings a wealth of knowledge in ethical principles and practice. In addition to her work with the Centre for Ethical Leadership, Cordelia is a Professor in the School of Historical & Philosophical…

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Dr Robert Leach

  • Acting Master  -  Ormond College

Rob has been a passionate educator for almost 30 years. He has taught both secondary and tertiary students and is the Acting Master of Ormond College. In his leadership role as Acting Master of Ormond College, Rob has been instrumental in creating…

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Olivia Brown

  • Faculty  -  Centre for Ethical Leadership

Olivia Brown brings extensive corporate experience to her role as Lecturer at the Centre for Ethical Leadership. She teaches into both the Vincent Fairfax Fellowship program and the Ethical Leadership Program. In addition to her teaching role with the…

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Rachael Hadoux

  • Program and Engagement Manager  -  Centre for Ethical Leadership

Rachael Hadoux is the Centre’s Program and Engagement Manager. She is a Graduate Researcher (PhD) at the University of Melbourne investigating the impact of beliefs about the nature of sex-differences on attitudes towards men’s violence against…

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Kate Robertson

  • Program Associate  -  Centre for Ethical Leadership

Kate Robertson provides program support for the Centre for Ethical Leadership. She has 15 years of experience working within the tertiary education sector, with 12 years spent at the University of Melbourne delivering student and academic support services.…

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