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Founded in 2022 by Early Learning sector leaders, Christian Early Learning Australia is a peak body aimed at connecting, supporting and equipping the boards, leaders, teachers and educators of the 450+ Christian Early Learning centres in Australia, as well as advocacy to ensure the continuation and vibrancy of the vital ministry of Christian Early Learning.


We see a future where every Christian Early Learning organisation is governed with excellence and delivered by passionate educators whose “mission first” perspective results in early education and care environments that nurture hearts, minds and souls.


Christian Early Learning exists to equip and mobilise Christian organisations to govern and operate with purpose and excellence.

CEL provides invaluable support and resources to Christian educators in their mission to educate and impact children. Research shows that early childhood education is critical to a child's development and can have a lasting impact on their future learning and success. By focusing on developing a strong sector in Christian Early Education, CEL and its member organisations are establishing the groundwork for a lifetime of learning and growth for the children currently in their care.


CEL is both a hub for learning and place of inspiration, a sector specific support for both leaders and educators.

With specialised membership programs, events and retreats we are here to support YOU as you support, educate and nurture the children and families in your care.

A place of support and equipping

The opportunities and challenges for the Christian Early Learning Sector include 2.5 years of COVID challenges, ever-increasing regulatory requirements and $15.9bn state and federal funding allocations to the Early Childhood Education and Care sector including universal pre-kindy in NSW & VIC. This is therefore a pivotal moment in time for Kingdom impact in the education and care sector.

Our online platform will underpin success and nationwide impact

Website with publicly available information and members only content• Shorter form, and video workshop driven to increase engagement

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We anticipate a sell-out event so be sure to pre-register your interest for our in-person retreat, for Christian Early Learning leaders to be held in September 2023.

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What benefits are included in my Membership?

As a member of Christian Early Learning, you have access to a plethora of sector specific resources and benefits.

Supporting YOU as you support,

care and nurture

future generations!



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